Export Services

~Export financing of American Products & Services overseas
~Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and International 
Traffic Arms Regulations Programs
 *Compliance and Control Program Design and Implementation *Export and Business Process Integration *Mentoring *State Department Mandated External Audits  *Supplier Outreach Training Program                     *Technology Control Plan and Technology Transfer Control Plan *Design *Testing* Export Training Course Development . 

Other Services

-Business Management Systems

-Grants Management Services

-Feasibility Services and Technical Assistance Services

-Organizational Outreach, Public Relations Programs

-Program/Project Management

-Support & Services Consulting & Operations

- Administrative Management & General Management Consulting,                   Marketing Services  

Environmental & Other related regulatory services
       Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)
            Health & Safety Plan
            Environmental Health & Safety Training (EHS)
        Office Administrative Services
        Public Health Programs Administration
        OSHA, environmental audit

Environmental Assessments
Environmental Impact Reporting
National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) Documentation

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